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Sun Repair 411 + DIY Home Remedy Mask

Chrissy Gray

Ah, sunshine! We all love those vitamin D boosting rays and golden-kissed skin tones. We hear the word ‘sun’ and we think of all the happiness it brings, but in this day and age, the word ‘sun’ is often followed by ‘damage’ when we’ve taken the exposure too far. If you’ve spent a lot of time outdoors with little to no sun protection, It is probably time to start healing and reversing the damage that often shows as wrinkles, dark spots, and rough or sagging skin.

Did you know that on average, 23% of sun-damage occurs by the time a person reaches 18 years old? And another whopping 47% occurs between the ages of 19-40? Unfortunately, it’s not over here, but UV radiation from the sun alters our skin cell’s DNA. This contributes to wrinkling over time and in severe cases, can actually cause skin cancer. Another irritating side effect is the appearance of dark spots (also known as sunspots or hyper-pigmentation). These darker pigmented patches on the skin are the result of the overproduction of melanin, usually triggered by long-term sun exposure.

So, sun lovers… the GOTG Skin Care team encourages you to start the vital healing process for our over-exposed skin. After all, we live under the same sun and can benefit from these treatments on the regular. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Vitamin C

It's one of the most important for revitalizing the skin! The “C” should stand for Combat because it has the ability to fight premature signs of aging by reducing free-radicals that damage collagen. In fact, topical vitamin C usage dates back as far as 618 A.D. when ancient Tibetan women rubbed sea buckthorn berries on their skin as a beauty ritual. At Girl on the Go! we carry multiple Vitamin C Lucrece products, including a Vitamin C Serum, a Vitamin C Cleanser and a Vitamin C Cream with Stem Cells . The Lucrece Vitamin C Serum, is an ascorbic acid based Vitamin C Serum, which is widely considered one of the most effective antioxidants for rejuvenating and lightening mature skin due to its ability to protect the skin's’ collagen fibers, and for its ability to help inhibit melanin production, creating a lightening effect to the skin. The serum uses a medium level of Ascorbic Acid (14%) and Glycolic Acid (1%) to gently increase cell turnover while helping to lighten age and sunspots. Vitamin C is also a safe pigment reducer, inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase, helping to prevent melanin production. We highly recommend using this serum to assist in fading discolorations and regenerating over-exposed skin.


These cell savers are essential in skin care products and in our diets to help prevent, treat, and reverse sun-damaged skin. Antioxidants not only deliver nutrients to the skin, but they protect its collagen and elastin tissue from degenerating. Fruits such as cherries stimulate new skin cell growth, while research has shown that pomegranates protect the skin from UV induced damage. Our Sour Cherry Whipped Moisturizer is a perfect example of this. It contains free radical absorbing sour Cherry bioflavonoids that are super important for anti-aging. Other foods rich in vitamin C, E, and selenium have important functions in speeding up the skin’s repair systems. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants will work to increase your skin's sun tolerance. Protect yourself with antioxidant armor!


How can we brighten a dull complexion? Exfoliating the rightway. Over-exfoliation can exacerbate sun-damage and compromise your skin’s protective barrier. This can result in irritation, redness, inflammation, and excessive dryness. Exfoliating gently, will help to remove the build-up of ‘rough’ skin caused by sun-damage, revealing a fresh and healthy glow. Depending on your skin type, exfoliation is encouraged 1-3x per week. The three types of exfoliation include: manual, enzyme, and chemical. Manual exfoliation is in the form of a granulated scrub or facial tool brush (sometimes this method can be too abrasive for sensitive skin types). Enzyme exfoliation is usually in the form of a masque or gentle peel. These enzymes are often derived from fruits such as papaya and pineapple that help to dissolve dead skin cells. And lastly,chemical exfoliation utilizes chemicals such as hydroxy acids like lactic acid (derived from honey), salicylic acid (derived from willow bark) and mandelic acid (derived from almonds). Talk to your esthetician next time you come in to find out your ideal type of exfoliation. 

DIY Enzyme Mask Recipe

1. Mash together: 3 tablespoons of papaya, 3 tablespoons of pineapple, and 1 teaspoon of honey.

2. Apply by massaging the mixture into the skin.

3. Let sit for 10 minutes, allowing those enzymes to work their magic! Your skin will thank you.

Sun protection is crucial for preventing any further sun-damage. Please don’t forget to wear your sunscreen everyday. And yes, even on those rainy days! Look for mineral based (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide), chemical-free, broad spectrum sun protection. We have several amazing options at the spa for daily or active use!

And of course coming in for regular facials also helps repair and defend against sun damage.