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830 25th Street, Suite 103
San Diego, CA, 92102


San Diego spa specializing in organic skincare, massage, body treatments, waxing, airbrush tanning, and event make-up.

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The Good Life is Yours

Chrissy Gray

Leah Scherotter

We're so happy to have Leah Scherotter from The Good Life, joining us at this weekend's Spring Fling event! Leah is Health and Lifestyle Coach supporting busy and fabulous women in taking back their health through personalized nutrition, beauty and lifestyle support. Through nutrition and lifestyle coaching, it is her goal to provide women with the inspiration, knowledge and tools to protect and heal themselves from illness and discomfort, all while integrating healthy foods and wellness habits into their lives with ease. On top of this, she recently launched SHOP GOOD - a carefully curated online boutique offering the cleanest cosmetics and health inspired apparel.

Beauty Food

Since we're all about natural ingredients at GOTG, we wanted to re-post a great entry from Leah's blog about 3 must-have beauty ingredients. Read the full entry here.

1. Hyaluronic Acid

Closest to your own natural water content in your skin and one of the most hydrating ingredients, hyaluronic acid is as if your skin just downed a tall glass of water!  This ingredient is extra important because after washing off bacteria, we want to return our skin to a healthy and hydrated state. This avoids stripping natural oils, which can contribute to dryness and wrinkles.

2. Coconut Oil

You know it well, but when it’s used in makeup and skincare, you’re receiving its healing properties all day! We love coconut oil for its super high antioxidant content and it’s anti-bacterial properties. It’s also jam packed with alpha linoleic acid, which helps speed up cell turnover and healthy cell reproduction.

3. Rose

This incredibly anti-inflammatory + antibacterial flower is a major force of soothing properties, antioxidants, and beta-carotenes. The end result is clear skin and a glowing complexion that radiates ultra-health. Plus, who doesn’t love the luxurious energy of this blossom?!