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830 25th Street, Suite 103
San Diego, CA, 92102


San Diego spa specializing in organic skincare, massage, body treatments, waxing, airbrush tanning, and event make-up.

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Relax and ground yourself in the changing season with aromatic scents of cinnamon, clove, and cardamom. Your facial will incorporate Epicuren's pumpkin enzyme skincare to brighten and exfoliate your skin, while stimulated blood flow will flush out toxins and impurities. A special gua sha facial massage will follow to lift skin, increase elasticity, and release jaw tension. Enjoy a deep guided meditation session and a warm pumpkin chai latte to complete your service.

The 90 minute treatment is $150. Available October only.


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Rejuvenate your body and spirit with our signature October massage experience. The 90min massage combines hot stones, warm towels, and a mandarin orange and spice leave-in scalp treatment to warm and relax your body to the core. The deeply moisturizing treatment is perfect for prepping your skin for cooler months ahead. Enjoy a pumpkin chai latte after your massage.

The 90 minute treatment is $150. Available October only.


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Body Treatment.jpg

Deeply hydrate your skin with October's body treatment special. First, Epicuren's pumpkin enzyme peel will be applied all over your body to leave your skin beautifully bright and smooth. Coconut herbal poultices will then be kneaded with a mandarin infused coconut oil to relax your muscles and flush out toxins. Replenish your body with a pumpkin and orange mask while being wrapped into a warm blanket. Your scalp will be massaged with a stimulating hair treatment then wrapped with a warm towel as well. Complete your treatment with a kukui coconut body cream and a special pressure point foot massage. Enjoy a warm pumpkin chai latte after your service.

The 90 minute treatment is $175. Available October only.

What is Gua Sha?

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Gua Sha.png

The ancient practice of gua sha scraping comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine where gua sha is used on the body to promote lymphatic drainage and to bring blood to areas of tension or soreness so that circulation is improved. More recently, gua sha has made a shift to being used as a beautification tool to smooth the appearance of facial skin and reduce puffiness, as well as helping to tone facial muscles. It’s a powerful technique with amazing benefits!

Here are our top reasons to experience gua sha in your next facial.

+ Natural Botox Alternative. Daily gua sha practice has been found to improve muscle tone and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Depending on the pressure, speed and direction, it is possible to lift and de-puff the skin, as well as work on surface lines and/or deep muscular tension.
+ Skin Detox. By stimulating the lymph system, gua sha promotes the removal of toxins which can help to clear skin and reduce skin puffiness.
+ Glowing Skin. Gua sha improves blood circulation which helps to carry nutrient-rich and oxygenated blood to the skin and tissues. Using gua sha with your favorite facial serum or oil helps fatty acids and nutrients in the oil to sink deeper into the skin. Couple this with the gua sha scraping that removes dead skin cells, excess sebum and dirt trapped in pores, and the result is a beautiful post-facial glow!
+ Stress Reduction. Facial gua sha can help put the mind and body at ease. Touch boosts feelings of physical and emotional well-being, it can chemically stimulate feel-good hormones while lowering blood pressure, and it has the superpower of abating intense feelings of stress as they are happening.

Gua Sha.jpg

• Reset Facial + Body Treatment •

Whether you have kids heading back to school or are longing for cooler days ahead, September always seems to be when your mind and body need to hit the reset button. After a warm, busy summer, enjoy this month’s facial and body treatment experience to help re-center and re-balance your body from head to toe.

Start your session with a warm turmeric tea to relax your senses and aid in detoxification. Your facial and body treatment will utilize Epicuren skincare products along with gua sha and herbal poultice techniques to increase circulation, detox the lymphatic system, reduce pain, and boost your immune system. Your skin will be left incredibly lifted and hydrated with an all over glow. Aromatic scents and rhythmic music will leave you in a deep state of relaxation, taking you to a final guided mediation session to end your treatment. Enjoy a nourishing green juice before leaving the spa.

The 2 hour treatment is $250. Available this month only.

What is Herbal Poultice?

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Herbal Poultice.jpg

Herbal poultice has been used for centuries as a detoxification treatment. It is found mainly in Thailand, Southeast Asia and India, and was also been used historically on soldiers to help draw out toxins from battle injuries and treat abscess wounds. In herbal poultice massage, a warm herbal compress filled with organic herbs is steamed and then rhythmically stamped, kneaded, and rocked over the body in a variety of specialized techniques. The warmth of the pouches, along with the rocking motion of the therapy and aroma of the herbs, creates a deeply soothing experience.

Benefits of herbal poultice massage include:

+ Increase lymphatic drainage with reduces inflammation
+ Increase circulation
+ Relieve joint pain and stiffness
+ Improve mobility and flexibility
+ Improve skin tone
+ Boost the immune system

Herbal Massage.jpg

• Herbal Poultice Full Body Massage •

Begin your massage with an immune boosting turmeric and ginger tea. Using hand made herbal poultices infused with rich organic herbs, plus warm mandarin infused oil, your therapist will press and knead in a rhythmic motion to relax your muscles, decrease pain, and heal the body. Your stress will instantly melt away. Ending your treatment with a soothing meditation session, you will drift into a deep state of relaxation and walk away balanced and renewed. Enjoy an ending ceremonial tea before leaving the spa.

The 90 minute treatment is $165. Available this month only.

Cool Down Facial + Body Treatment

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We designed our August specials with the rising temperatures in mind. Combine AC, cold brew tea, cooling wellness techniques, and mindful meditation, for a spa experience that will be sure to leave you feeling ultra relaxed and invigorated all at the same time!

Cool Down Facial + Body Treatment

Your treatment will begin with an anti-oxidant rich glass of cold brew pomegranate rooibos tea, to help you feel instantly relaxed and balanced. An extensive dry brushing treatment will start your service to allow all of the ingredients in the treatment to penetrate deeply into your skin. Next, a refreshing peppermint exfoliant will be applied to remove unwanted dry skin, while honey, sulphur and algae hydrate and lift. Ice cold globes will then be massaged into your skin to help detox the body, increase blood flow, and reduce cellulite. To complete your body treatment, rosemary infused lotion will be applied to invigorate the senses.

Start your facial with a cooling mist to elevate your senses and cool down your facial skin. Throughout this treatment, you will experience several levels of soothing and cooling techniques to reduce redness, hydrate the skin, tighten pores, and lift the skin. By incorporating arnica, horse chestnut, and probiotics, your skin will be strengthened with a more youthful glow, having the ability to fight off environmental pollutants outside of the spa. Your service will be completed with an invigorating peppermint hair mask that will be applied during a 15 minute chakras balancing meditation session.

The 2 hour treatment is $225. Available this month only.

Cool Down Full Body Massage

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Cool Down Full Body Massage

Let us help you feel easy-breezy during the peak of summer with our signature cool down massage. Incorporating refreshing peppermint oil, soothing iced marble stones, cool towels, and stretching techniques, this massage experience will leave you feeling ultra relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the hot summer days. Finish your treatment with a 10 minute cool down meditation session and a cold brew peppermint iced tea.

The 90 minute treatment is $150 and is available this month only.

Lifting Relief Facial

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Lifting Relief Facial

Center your qi, relax facial muscle tension, lift your skin, and aid in detoxification while infusing the most potent organic ingredients in the world. Start your treatment with an organic turmeric tea and balancing music to stimulate detoxification while relaxing your senses. Deep cleansing and exfoliating ingredients remove unwanted build up from the face while the third eye is relaxed with an Ayurveda facial massage. A heart chakra centering rose quartz Gua Sha stone will lift the skin and increase facial circulation while a deeply rejuvenating facial mask and warm scalp treatment will reduce tension and increase relaxation. Complete your service with a refreshing green juice to complete the detoxification process.

The 1 hour 45 minute treatment is $215. Available this month only.

Matcha & Cacao Body Treatment

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Matcha Body Treatment

Rich in antioxidants, cacao and matcha have been used for centuries for their healing properties both internally and externally. Start your treatment with an organic kava tea to start your relaxation while you drift into a deep meditative state. As the treatment begins, you will be dry brushed from neck to ankles then scrubbed with a matcha and Himalayan sea salt infused jojoba oil to remove unwanted skin cells. Next, a cacao, matcha, and clay mask will be applied and left to pull out impurities. While the body mask is drying, a hydrated hair mask will be massaged into your scalp to release tension. After the body mask is removed, you will be massaged with a jade gua sha stone to help balance your chakra. Finish your treatment with a matcha tea and a piece of cacao chocolate.

The 1 hour 30 minute treatment is $190. Available this month only.

Detox Massage

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Detox Massage

Start your massage experience with a relaxing cup of Kava tea then invigorate the soul and detoxify your lymphatic system with a tea tree infused massage. Combining ancient modalities, your therapist will help you stimulate your Qi. Using a combination of intentionally placed hot stones, Gua Sha, lymphatic drainage, and balancing techniques to melt away tension. Includes a deep scalp massage and relaxing foot rub. You will leave your massage feeling refreshed, centered, and relaxed. End your massage with a blissful meditation practice and a turmeric tea to help inflammation reduction.

The 1 hour 45 minute treatment is $175. Available this month only.

Pure Bliss Facial + Body Treatment

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Pure Bliss

Experience the natural lifting capabilities of gua sha, in our Pure Bliss Facial + Body Treatment. Starting with dry brushing to stimulate detoxification and remove unwanted dryness and dullness, your skin will be ready to fully absorb the beneficial ingredients of the treatment. Jasmine and lavender infused oils will be used during the gua Sha body massage to help lift the skin and reduce fascia build up (good bye cellulite!) Finish with a bergamot infused body cream and be cocooned into a warm blanket that will leave your skin silky smooth.

As you start to melt into your sheets, your therapist will begin the facial treatment that includes cleansing, exfoliation, light peel, gua sha facial massage, and a leave-on mask that incorporates the healing properties of lavender, geranium, rosemary, and jasmine. No extractions are offered in this service as it has been designed to slow down the body. Your service will be complete with a deeply hydrating hair treatment and an extensive foot massage to leave you feeling like a million bucks!

The 2 hour treatment is $250. Available this month only.

Stimulating Stem Cell Body Treatment

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Body Treatment

Give your mom the luxe treatment this Mother's Day! Boasting anti aging, hydrating and detoxifying benefits to the body, the special lady in your life will feel like the queen she is during and after this one of a kind treatment. Using grape stem cells, nettle, yogurt, and hyaluronic acid, the skin will naturally awaken from deep within to bring out it's natural glow. The treatment includes a hydrating scalp treatment, a gentle lymph drainage treatment, and a foot massage as well.

The 90 minute treatment is $200. Available this month only.

Mother's Day Massage

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Mother's Day Massage

Treat the mama in your life this month with our Mother's Day Massage Special! Using our Balance Synergy essential oil blend, hot stones, and warm towels, your special lady will be sure to know that she is appreciated and loved.

The 90 minute treatment is $130. Available this month only.


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Valentine's Event

We're discounting our entire boutique, including skincare for 2 nights only! We NEVER do this! It's the perfect time to treat yourself...or tell your partner what's on your V-Day wish list. Enjoy a variety of Eclipse Chocolate and bubbly while you shop. Plus free gift wrapping and customized gift sets.

Mark your calendars Tuesday 2/12 and Wednesday 2/13!

Chocolate & Roses Facial

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Valentine's Day Facial

Fresh, rich cocoa, rose petals, and rose oil are combined to create this luxurious, 100% organic, facial from Ilike Skincare. Anti-oxidant rich, this treatment is designed to minimize the signs of aging, while boosting hydration and skin elasticity. Your treatment will end with a special facial gua sha massage with rose quartz to leave your skin plump and feeling extra radiant!

The 90 minute treatment is $150. Available this month only.

Warm Rose Body Treatment

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December Body Treatment Special

Slough off and renew your skin this holiday season. With the use of hot stones and warm rose essential oils, your stress and tension will instantly melt away, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and ready to slip on that perfect holiday dress.

The 75 minute Epicuren treatment is $150. Available this month only.

Cozy Frosted Mint Massage

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December Massage Special

Cozy up with a 90-minute Frosted Mint Massage this December. This relaxing treatment incorporates a warm table, soft melodies, and our Frosted Mint Essential Oil Blend. The use of warm stones placed specifically on the palms of your hands, as well as a series of hot towels, will leave you blissfully relaxed and ready to take on this holiday season. 

The 90 minute treatment is $115. Available this month only.

Winter Wonderland Facial

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December Facial Special

Relax and rejuvenate this holiday season with our newest facial addition. Experience the warming touch of hot stones massaging your stresses away while allowing the most advanced anti-aging ingredients to melt away fine lines and pigmentation. With the use of glycolic acid and stem cells, your skin will be left hydrated, lifted, and glowing just in time for all your holiday festivities.

The 90 minute treatment is $150. Available this month only.

Our Holiday Gift Card Promotion is Happening Now!

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Don’t miss out! Today until Monday night we are having our biggest Holiday Gift Card Event of the year. For every $100 in gift cards purchased, you’ll receive an additional $100 in spa vouchers! That’s right - Buy $100, Get $100!

San Diego Spa Gift Certificate


  • Gift Cards and Spa Vouchers may be kept for yourself, or given to others

  • All online purchases may be picked up at the spa starting Tuesday, November 27, or we can mail your purchase for a flat rate of $5

  • Gift Cards are treated as cash, can never expire, and may be used for any service or product at the spa

  • Spa Vouchers may only be used towards spa services (no retail products)

  • Only 1 Voucher may be used per visit and must be used in full. Any remaining balance will be forfeited.

  • Vouchers can not be combined with any other discount, offer, or special.

  • Vouchers can not be used towards gratuity.

  • Vouchers are not redeemable for cash and resale is prohibited.

  • Vouchers expire January 1, 2020

Spice Up Your Pumpkins Fall Facial

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Pumpkins Facial San Diego Spa

Our signature fall facial is designed to hydrate and clarify dry, dull skin, while stimulating cell turnover. Using Epicuren’s Apple Pumpkin Spice Peel, full of antioxidants and AHA’s, your skin will be left softer, brighter, and more supple.

After your treatment, enjoy a cup of hot tea or our seasonal apple cinnamon infused water.

The 60 minute treatment is $125. Available through the end of November only.