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830 25th Street, Suite 103
San Diego, CA, 92102


San Diego spa specializing in organic skincare, massage, body treatments, waxing, airbrush tanning, and event make-up.

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Relaxing Spa Massage Services in San Diego | Girl on the Go!

Relax with our therapeutic swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, sport and CBD spa massage services. We offer day or evening appointments!


We provide a variety of custom therapeutic massage sessions to reduce stress, relieve muscular tension, and enhance body awareness. Utilizing an intuitive blend of both Western and Alternative modalities, our therapists address the client’s individual needs and preferences, to provide a lasting sense of release, harmony, and well being. So that you can plan accordingly, our massage treatments provide an actual 60, 90, or 120 minutes of touch with additional time being taken for a pre and post-consultation.

Circulatory (Swedish) Massage

A very relaxing and therapeutic style of bodywork. Oil or lotion is applied to the skin so techniques such as rolling, kneading and percussion can be applied with ease. These movements promote general relaxation, improve circulation, and assist the lymphatic system in cleansing the body of toxins.

Deep Tissue Sculpting

Less invasive than the more common Deep Tissue Massage technique, Deep Tissue Sculpting is a relaxing, calming and soothing type of bodywork, which may be performed with or without oil. The therapist sinks into and melts away the muscular tension of the body to address restricted movement brought on by stress, injury and poor body posture. The balance creates a renewed sense of ease and freedom within the individual.

60 minutes • $80 | 90 minutes • $115 | 120 minutes • $145

San Diego Massage Therapy

pregnancy Massage

Prenatal massage has many benefits for both mother and baby. It can reduce stress, tension and anxiety, relieve muscle and joint pain, reduce swelling, strengthen the immune system, and improve digestion. Our therapists are certified in prenatal massage and have training to know what is safe, appropriate and effective for mothers and babies, as well as a thorough understanding of anatomy of the pregnant body.

60 minutes • $90 | 90 minutes • $125

** Please note that due to liability reasons, we do not perform prenatal massage on women who are in their first trimester


athlete's massage | $130

A 90 minute rejuvenating massage treatment focusing on deep tissue and stretching techniques that encourage healing, lessen the chance of injury and shorten the recovery time for athletes of any calibur. Includes a custom citrus essential oil blend that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on any challenge, the use of hot towels and Cryotherapy Stones to soothe specific areas of tension, and comes with use of our arnica balm on a specific area of tension.

Hot stone massage | $130

A 90 minute relaxing hot stone massage will provide you with well-deserved TLC. Our warm lavender essential oil blend, long flowing strokes, and a pain-free deep pressure massage with precisely placed hot stones along specific meridian lines, will leave your muscles and mind relaxed, refreshed, and ready to jump back into your boss babe lifestyle.

San Diego Fire Cupping Massage

Fire Cupping | 30min session: $50

Fire cupping is a method of therapy within traditional Chinese medicine and massage therapy that uses glass cups to create a localized pressure point (acupressure) and vacuum effect on the client's skin. Fire cupping is primarily performed on the back and neck areas of the body. The suction of the cups mobilizes blood and lymph flow in order to promote healing and reduce pain to specific areas of the body and can help release harmful toxins.

massage enhancements | $15

We offer fire cupping, CBD oil, and cryotherapy as add-on enhancements to any massage. Enjoy the beneficial qualities of these therapies incorporated into any massage without adding any additional time to your service.

Fire Cupping: Reduce pain and inflammation, along with increased blood flow

Cryotherapy: Sore muscle relief and to promote healing